Fun, Exciting, and Engaging Personal Finance Resources That Save You Time

Financial education does not need to be intimidating, boring, or irrelevant to our students’ lives. Through games, activities, projects, guest speakers, and interactive lessons, we can create the financial literacy learning experience that we wish we all had.

Let me save you time so you can focus on helping kids to reach financial independence. I’ve helped thousands of teachers to create memorable money lessons with their students and I can’t wait to help you too!

My Store

My goal is to create resources that will save you time and energy which can then be spent on areas of your life that you truly value (if building exciting activities isn’t your passion like it is for me!).

The resources I create are a collection of digital and printable games, activities, bulletin boards, and projects designed to enhance the learning experience that you are already providing in your room. I have resources for all areas of personal finance including: cash flow management, budgeting, consumer skills, banking, credit and debt, investing, retirement, insurance, behavioral economics, college, career, and entrepreneurship.

Step into my classroom

Come see how I teach the different topics within personal finance to my high school students. I’ll walk you through my daily routines and sequences of topics to produce and engaging, exciting, and educational class experience for teens!

Free Net Income Calculation Tool

I needed a way to quickly check student work if they were doing Federal and State Income tax calculations for a salary of their choosing. Do each calculation by hand to verify their answers took way too long, so I created a Google Sheet to do it for me.

The sheet can tell you how much money is owed to federal and state based on your state selection, your FICA taxes owed, and paycheck amount based on how often you get paid. Traditional and Roth retirement contributions can be considered as well.

It’s free for you to take and use so grab your copy now!

Suggested Monthly Baseline Budget Percentages

Here’s a breakdown of what a budget should roughly look like and guidelines for what each category should include. Use this with your students when it comes to talking about budgeting or building budgets for future career salaries.

Need a Guest Speaker?

Are you looking for an expert to join your classroom but you struggle with finding engaging speakers who can hold student attention? You probably don’t have the financial resources to pay high speaking fees, and that’s if you can contact them to speak to your class in the first place!

I have invited top experts and content creators in the financial world to share their experience and wisdom with our classrooms. Join in live or use the extensive library of replays to add to the lessons you’re already providing.

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"This is an outstanding resource [Calculate Net Pay] for my students, one of the best I have purchased on this site (and I have purchased over 250!)"

Stephanie Y.

"Very engaging and different from what we normally do, so the students (and myself) really enjoyed it!"

Caitlin G.

"My students enjoyed this resource [Bank and Account Types]. They found it more engaging than the lesson I normally use and seemed to get more out of it. I will definitely use this lesson again next year"

Mary M.

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